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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now for the review of my newest product....Organic Bath Salts made with Dead Sea Salts!

Spring is a time for renewal and cleansing of the old. Dusting off cob webs, cleaning the curtains, scrubbing the floors...Also a time to scrub off old winter skin to reveal your new Spring skin! A great way to do this is to start out with a soak in a hot tub with some of my Organic Bath Salts sprinkled in it!
Dead sea salts promote healthy skin regeneration, skin permeability, elasticity (who doesn't need this!), and helps your skin absorb and retain moisture! Dead sea salts are sourced from the Dead Sea in the Meditteranean. It is loaded with many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromides. Since your skin is the largest organ that absorbs almost ANYTHING into your body, why not make it beneficial sea minerals! I have combined these beneficial salts with some of my Organic Herbs & Organic Essential Oils for maximum benefit!
♥~Organic Rosemary Mint Bath Salts~♥
This combines Organic Rosemary leaves & Organic Peppermint leaves to help loosen up muscles and combat fluid retention. It is also a mind stimulator helping with memory and recollection.

♥~Organic Lavender Rose Bath Salts~♥
This combines Organic Lavender buds & Wild Harvested Primrose Flower Petals to help soothe away the stresses of the day while helping to relieve depression. It also helps heal bruises and skin ailments with its antibacterial constuients. This would be great for those who suffer from any types of dermatitis.
I have featured the Organic Lavender Rose Bath Salts in my Organic Lavender Gift Set which would be great as a Mother's Day gift!! Check it out here

I will be offering larger sizes very soon at My Etsy Shop and my Website!

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