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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dandelions shout SPRING really loud if you listen!

So it has been a crazy week so far. Lots of orders to fill, soaps to wrap & herbs to pick and dry! Spring does not wait, it is here and then its Summer before you know it:) My favorite Seasons are Spring & Fall. I love the changing, plus the cooler, not too cold or hot, weather!
With the official arrival of Spring with cool mornings and warmish afternoons I went out to pick Dandelions!
Most people have become accustomed to thinking of Dandelions as weeds. Well I guess they are, but really they are a medicine chest just waiting to be unlocked! The most recent discovery of mine was when I picked up the book "Healing Wise" my Susan Weed again! I figure that if I saturate my mind with herbal information and their uses, it will stick. Then I will know it by heart. I found out that not only are Dandelion flowers good for toning your face helping to reduce large pores and help acne sufferers, but when it is steeped in oil, it makes a great muscle relief & all around relaxer releasing trapped emotions! I just had to pick them ALL!
Dandelions grow primarily in wet, poorly drained soil. There is a lower pasture past the blackberry bushes down the hill from the cabin where they grow by the hundreds!

It is fenced off from the cattle so they are protected from their munching☺
They were really watching me too!
At one point they were a ways away in the pasture, then before I knew it they were right by the fence seeing what I was up to! They are so goofy☺ The head cow started "mooing" at me. Funny!
I set out with my basket and my boots on to go trudge through the soppy grass and pick some Dandelions! I just have to introduce it into my arsenal of herbal remedies. My idea is to make a herbal muscle rub with the oil once it is ready!
I am also going to pick some Dandelion leaves while I am at it so I can add it to my herbal tea I am putting together for Energy & Circulation.
So as you can see not only do the cows like the Dandelions, but the slugs do to! I was careful to avoid them, but took a picture of this one munching away:) Anytime I found one that was slimed or had a little slug on it I left it alone. There are enough to go around!

So as you see I came out pretty good after 1 hour of picking. It was good exercise too! I always need another way to fit in some fitness somehow!

The oils steeping are Organic Olive Oil & Organic Grapeseed Oil packed with fresh Dandelions sunning in my kitchen window. I have topped each off with fabric so the air bubbles and moisture can escape.

The Olive Oil one will be ready next week and the Grapeseed a few days after! I will definitely be posting about my new product I will be inventing to use the Dandelion Oil in♥
The Herbal salts are still curing, so I will review them possibly tomorrow, Stay tuned!
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  1. I love dandelions and have never considered them as weeds but I didn't know they were good for acne! Great information.