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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Organic Honey Face Mask loaded with Skin Healing herbs and Raw Honey!!

Introducing my Organic Honey Face Mask!

This face mask is not like your typical "put-on-let-dry-wash-off" kind of mask. It is already pre-moistened with Local Honey and Organic Vegetable Glycerin so all you have to do is apply it, let it do its thing, then remove with a warm washcloth!
The base is made up of my Hand Harvested Glaciomarine Clay I talk about in this post http://honeybeeholistics.blogspot.com/2011/04/organic-clay-tea-tree-soap-with-hand.html , PLUS a whole slew of hand picked flower buds and herbs to heal, nourish, and tone your skin!
I would recommend using this mask once a week. It is great for all skin types, especially dry skin as the honey moisturizes so well.

Wild harvested Strawberry Leaves & Wild Dandelion flower heads help with toning and tightening pores. The Glaciomarine Clay helps remove impurities without drying because it is swirled with Organic Jojoba Oil leaving your skin soft and cleansed!
The other wonderful ingredients I use each have their own properties in skin cleansing, repair, or healing. They are:
*Organic Ground Oatmeal~ A great gentle exfoliator and protectant.
*Organic Red Rooibos~ Loaded with Anti-oxidants to help repair free radical damage.
*Organic Orange Peel~ Loaded with Vitamin C, it is a great astringent to help tighten pores.

When the Fall Honey Harvest Happens in a few weeks, I will be making some up for sale! Look for it in my Etsy shop later this month and on my website!!


  1. I think I'll try this one, one of the most importantn thing I love about a mask is a moisturizer that will not dry my face. When I tried a product made out of charcoal and it is the worst thing I did for my face because it dried my face's skin and I had to drink a tulsi herb to renew it naturally. I hope this one is not the same because it is already made out of green tea extract and honey.

  2. Excellent looking mask! I have a website dedicated to the best facial masks, so I know all about them. Your ingredient list is awesome, I would love to get a sample product possibly for promotion via my website. Where do you sell this mask?