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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny, wishing Spring would come NOW!

I love the sunny days in Winter! I get to get at least a few rays of sun:) Perfect for taking awesome product pictures for the website and my Etsy shop! I noticed the bluejays are pilfering through the compost looking for bread scraps, and a little brown bird is hanging out on the grapewive outside the bathroom window! I think the birds are ready too! I have started compiling my ingredients for the new Spring soaps. I will still be making the new batches of the Oatmeal Honey & Clay Tea Tree, but have come up with a new one to celebrate Spring! I will call it Spring Blossom!

It will include Fresh Lemon Balm herb infused with Essential oils of Ylang Ylang with a hint of citrus! I am excited to see how it turns out:) A little zing with a floral undertone. I only have 2 bars left of my Cinnamon Roll soap! It will be a Limited Holiday Edition now. It will be available every late Summer/Early Fall. Goodbye to spicy warm, hello to floral citrusy cool!!

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