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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honey Bee Holistics Wellness Series continues: Your skin is what you........PUT ON IT!

How often do you think about how the products you put on your skin affect your overall health?
There is actually quite a bit of research tied in with how the products you put on your skin DO affect your health.
Check out the information provided by the David Suzuki Foundation who is a leader in the Green Living ways here on the Dirty Dozen Toxic Ingredients found in conventional beauty products!

The Foundation reports that "One in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors. Many products include plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts), and surfactants (they reduce surface tension in water, like in paint and inks). Imagine what that does to your skin, and to the environment."

I would like to conduct an experiment with you right now!! Go into your bathroom and pull out a bottle or package of one of your favorite products you use everyday and check out the ingredients. Does the ingredient list contain any of the following:
♦DMDM hydantoin
♦diazolidinyl urea
♦imidazolidinyl urea
♦methenamine or quarternium-15

If so, then you are applying a formaldehyde containing preservative to your body! It not only is absorbed into your skin to then be included in your bloodstream, but slowly off-gasses so you then breathe it in too! Check out this article to go deeper in the explanation of this.

The harm is that when they slowly release small amounts of formaldehyde, you are exposed to cancer causing components.

Did you find any of THESE ingredients in the list?

These preservatives are known to be endoctrine disruptors and can cause allergic reactions in some individuals!

Why is it so important to consider WHAT you put on your skin? Lets talk about a skin pore for a moment and how it relates to the body!

The skin is your bodies LARGEST organ that is mostly overlooked as a possible entrance into the body and its health.
Check out this graphic of a skin pore and how the hair follicle is directly linked to your bloodstream!


It may be said by some manufacturers that , "A little bit won;t hurt you and give you cancer". Maybe not, but a plethora of products ALL COMBINED over the course of a day, even a lifetime adds up. Your skin absorbs the toxins, then it is filtered to your liver. When your liver can no longer handle the toxic overload from all of the perfumes, preservative containing products AND environmental toxins you can do nothing about, it has to go SOMEWHERE??

A lot of toxins are stored in our body fat to make sure it is far enough away from our vital organs for preservation of the body to continue functioning. Just consider for a moment all of the products you use on a daily basis. Make a list if you feel inclined to do so, then start with ONE product replacement.

WHAT do you use instead?? This is one of the BIGGEST questions I asked myself when I started my journey to whole wellness. I didn't start out making ALL of my products I use everyday, but started with ONE and added on as I felt ready to do so!
Here are a few ideas for you!

♦Start with changing your deodorant to one without aluminum. Here is the one I make that is my BEST SELLER!

♦Start with changing your body lotion! This is my Best Selling one for the whole family!

♦Start with changing the Soap you wash with! Bar soap has just as many suds as the liquid body washes do when you rub it in circles on a pouf! Check out my soaps here!


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Now introducing my new Honey Bee Holistics Wellness Series! Part 1: Your skin is what you..........EAT!

Honey Bee Holistics Wellness Series is now underway! I have been receiving a lot of questions pertaining to the health of the skin, how to heal it with herbs, and what products would be best for it. I do have my recommendations based on skin type, and needs, but it is a touchy subject when other information is presented that may be seen as a judgement.
I always keep in mind what could possibly help other than an Organic Lotion I provide. The lotion is a good preventative and healing soother, but often times there is something else going on that is causing it in the first place. If I am able to share what I have learned with my customers, then they would take a closer look at how they can help themselves through health of the body! Part 1: Your skin is what you..........EAT!

This concept is fairly new to me as I have always thought of my skin as something that can be healed with a cream or herb. It was not until July 2013 that I was forced to take a closer look at my health through the "eyes" of my skin!

We planned a big 4th of July party which our friends were coming over with their families and camping out near the river for the weekend. Three whole days of fun. I looked forward to it, as we usually do not get visitors since we are approx 1 hr from the nearest major highway! I have become accustomed to the drive it takes to get anywhere, but others are not since they live in the cities.

So the morning of June 30th, I woke up with what appeared to be little blisters on my face! I was completely perplexed as I occasionally would have a pimple, but not little blisters around my mouth, nose and eyes. As anyone who knows me, I am a "do-it-yourself" kind of gal! If it can be healed, I will figure it out. I save my visits to the Dr. for stitches and major surgery. Even then, our family Dr. is Doctor of Naturopathy, which is right up my alley of recommending herbs to heal, not jumping to write a prescription for each ailment. Writing a script is the LAST resort for a Naturopathic Dr. as I have found in my experience.

So just a few days to get it cleared up and I would be ready for the party. My body & skin said otherwise! I tried some topical applications of Calendula, which had worked before, but not this time. The blisters persisted. I was horrified. It was awful trying to go anywhere with these blisters all over my face that resembled zits, but they weren't!
Good thing I am remotely adept with makeup, so I was able to cover them up a little, but this seemed to make them worse.
I cried a little. I am being upfront with you, I did cry. How could this be happening? I definitely needed a different approach. Crying does not solve anything, so back to work figuring it out.

I started searching pictures on Google for eczema, then blistering eczema. I found one that looked like what I was suffering from here.

The more pictures I looked at the more it hurt my heart to know of SO MANY people suffering from this! I was not alone, yet I needed to share what I did to heal myself so I can help others!
One of the most common suggestions I kept reading was going on an elimination diet. Eliminate what? Well the common triggers are: Dairy, Caffeine, Wheat, Gluten, Eggs, Soy, Sugar. I pretty much ate all of those things, so I needed to start with eliminating 2 at a time for a few weeks to see if it helped. If it didn't help, then 2 more until I figured it out. Once it was starting to heal, then I could slowly re-incorporate some of them to see if it triggered a reaction.

I started out eliminating my coffee and chocolate habit! I LOVE both of them dearly, but was going to get this going as soon as I could. It started to work, a little. I was reminded by my Grandmother that she had recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I do know that this is possibly hereditary, so I may be suffering and not know it. So I thought it could not hurt to try. So on my next shopping trip I purchased some popular Gluten Free alternatives for my regular items: bread, pasta, crackers, flours

I also started Oil Pulling. If you have not heard of this, read here with information on how it detoxifies the body to allow complete healing from what ails you!
I would do it every morning after brushing my teeth with my homemade toothpaste (recipe available upon request), every afternoon before lunch, and each night before bed after brushing my teeth. It took about 3 months before I started seeing my blisters subside, and my face returning to normal! I then SLOWLY re-incorporated dairy once a week, coffee 3 times /week. I completely eliminated Gluten for good, as my belly had not felt this good EVER!! I was no longer boaty after eating, and I have dropped to this day 15lbs without any vigorous workouts needed! My jeans fit better, and I feel more energetic and ALIVE!!

The 4th of July party went off well, even though I was in the middle of my healing. I am now wiser to what effects me and how to help myself! Of course these suggestions and steps I took are not for everyone, but it is worth giving a try for 2-3 months to see if it helps you!! What is a few months in your ENTIRE life anyway but a drop in the bucket?

YOU are worth living your healthiest and liveliest life ever!! Keep in mind that lotions only help the outside reaction and do not heal the ROOT cause of your skin condition. Look deeper to heal yourself without the need for harmful medications. I do understand that some medications are necessary in life for some, but the option to heal yourself with food is in your control!!

Check out my FAVORITE Gluten Free cookbook here by Danielle Walker. She experienced drastic symptoms that she was told she was going to have to live with her whole life. She healed herself with food! She is a wonderful wiz in the kitchen with Gluten/Grain Free foods and I have made SOO many of them with great success!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone experienced with herbs and essential oils look at your overall health and situation and suggest products and lifestyle recommendations that fit into your life?

This question came up when I was helping a customer find a product that would work best with her. I have found from experience that the "product" itself does not "cure" the ailment, it merely "assists" the body to heal itself! The concentration on providing your body with the tools it needs to do so is not done with one product alone. It is achieved when ALL of the aspects of the body are addressed including but not limited to: environment, stress levels, supplements, foods, products used. There is not a SINGLE cure for everyone. Each one of us possesses a unique DNA structure that is solely our own, so with this in mind, How can one product be suited for everyone?

In truth, it is not. Some of the products I make are the EXACT item that the particular customer who purchased it needed. Sometimes it is not. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone experienced with herbs and essential oils look at your overall health and situation and suggest products and lifestyle recommendations that fit into your life?
I have been practicing herbal applications in my own life for over 8 years now. Over this time I have worked with Organic Essential Oils, Organic Herbs and also Wild Crafted herbs that grow in the Pacific Northwest. I am NOT formerly certified in Herbalisim, or any Medical Practice. It is of UTMOST importance that the disclaimer be read before any assumptions are made. I have seen the applications of the herbs work wonders in my life. My skin, hair, and overall health has been improved with the use of Herbs and Oils. I have also changed my diet and the foods I eat DRAMATICALLY over the course of these 8 years. A lot of the frustrations I have had with my body have been solved when I addressed the foods I was putting INTO it.
It is my gift to the world to share my acquired knowledge of these helpful plants & essences in the form of a consultation. Each individual has specific vibrations that are often blocked by the foods we eat, the products we use, and the mindset we have when using them. I have found in my own life, that the products I use to help alleviate my particular situation in my health, are only PART of the puzzle. The body is a wonderous machine that is equipped with the ability to repair itself. The Customized products, herbal recommendations and herbal oils are merely the missing catalyst your body needs to do what it already knows how to do!

Here is a picture of my Herb starts in the greenhouse!
So here are the details and information you have been waiting for on

What exactly is a Consultation?

It all begins with a Preliminary Evaluation. This provides you with a Wellness Questionnaire that you fill out prior to your initial evaluation & recommendations.

After I receive your questionnaire back, I will then evaluate the situation present with you & establish a course of action to attain your optimum well being!

Often times this path to wellness through herbs and their essential oils is not immediately shown. It takes at least 2 weeks minimum for your body to adjust and begin to heal itself through the assistance of the recommendations and custom products.

§Wellness Consultation is a thorough examination of your particular situation including the consideration of changes to your: supplements, teas, and dietary needs. This will provide you with a concise path to start your journey to wellness!§
It includes:
♦An assessment of your current needs with recommendations that meet the needs of the ailments you are concerned with.
♦Two follow up emails with products that I recommend and/or customize for your individual needs. Please note: The product purchase is not included in this consultation. There will be a custom order specially designed for YOU! You WILL receive 15% off of your customized product purchase with the purchase of this consultation! For your personal constitution and needs, I customize the use of aromatherapy oils, home remedies, and healing applications through my Customized Handmade Products. These allow you the access to the tools to help return you to health!
♦It also includes recommended reading materials, links, and detailed information on what is best for YOU! You are welcome to voice any concerns at this time as well as explore any of our customized product options.
♦It also offers personalized guidance in maintaining a fulfilling life and recommendations for specific practices in diet, lifestyle and self-care. The consultation will also include suggestions for therapeutic herbs to help support your journey back to balance. The herbs are a “medicine“ for your body, but they are digested like food.
The herbs are not like drugs or vitamins that manipulate our body’s natural processes and mask the imbalances. They are simply HELPING your body do what it already knows how to do!

!!!Before ANY consultation is started, a signed confirmation of the Disclaimer/Liability Form is REQUIRED. This will be sent out once payment of the Consultation is made!!

The Introductory Price of a WELLNESS CONSULTATION is $35.

The product purchase is not included in this consultation. There will be a custom order specially designed for YOU! You will receive 15% off of your customized product purchase with the purchase of this consultation!

Please review the following disclaimer when considering purchasing a consultation for yourself!
**Disclaimer/Release of Liability:**
I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. I do not provide medical aid or nutrition for the purpose of health or disease and claim to be a doctor or dietitian.
The information contained in your evaluation is merely the opinion of a laymen individual. The research and information covered in this consultation/evaluation is open to public domain for discussion and in no way breaches or breaks the boundaries of the law in any state of the the United States of America where I live. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to have any formal medical background. I am not liable, either expressly or in an implied manner, nor claim any responsibility for any emotional or physical problems that may occur directly or indirectly from applying my suggestions.
I am in direct ability and use of conversation under following articles.
(9) A person who does not hold himself out to be a dietitian or nutritionist when that person furnishes nutrition information on food, food materials, or dietary supplements. This Article does not prohibit that person from making explanations to customers about foods or food products in connection with the marketing and distribution of these products.
(10) An herbalist or other person who does not hold himself out to be a dietitian or nutritionist when the person furnishes non fraudulent specific nutritional information and counseling about the reported or historical use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, sugars, enzymes, food concentrates, or other foods. (1991, c. 668, s. 1; 1995, c. 509, s. 135.2(s).)

Again, you are not being consulted by a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian. If you wish to do so, please contact a board certified person in your state.

All information is generalized, presented for informational purposes only, not medical advice, and presented “as is” without warranty or guarantee of any kind. Readers are cautioned not to rely on this information as medical advice and to consult a qualified physician or practitioner. ****************************

Now that all of the pertinent disclaimers are presented, I present to YOU a chance to WIN a Consultation for FREE!!

☼☼PLEASE comment below with your NAME & EMAIL, plus WHY you feel this personalized consultation would assist you in becoming a healthier you?☼☼

**NOTE:A WINNER will be chosen Monday 2/10/2014. If for some reason you are unable to comment, please try accessing the blog from another browser. Firefox has proven the most successful in reaching the verification screen for commenting. ONLY comments on the post will be considered in the drawing held. The consultation MUST be redeemed before 02/28/2014, or will be forfeited.

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WINNER of the WELLNESS CONSULTATION is Shawna Ligate - I will be in contact with you Shawna in a few days with the Questions to start your Initial Consultation!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Frankincense: More than just a resin. It is a healing serum for all skin types!

When I first heard of Frankincense, I remember at Christmas time it being told of the Wise Men bringing the Baby Jesus, Frankincense and Myrrh. At the time when I was little, I did not really understand what it was. So fast forward to when I began to read my first Aromatherapy Book called, A Complete Guide to Understanding & Using Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health & Beauty by Roberta Wilson!

I learned that Frankincense has always been associated with spirituality, which I believe is the reasoning for it being a gift the Wise Men brought to Baby Jesus! Both the Egyptians and Hebrews spent fortunes through out its existence to import this very valuable oil. It has healing effects that are associated with many parts of the body, especially the skin! The Egyptians found this to be true when they noticed the effects of the frankincense oil on their embalmed bodies. They thought, If it is great for preserving a dead corpse, what would it do for a living persons skin?

This small, shrubby, extremely hardy Frankincense tree is covered in bark that possesses a milky white juice. When it comes in comtact with air, it solidifies into an amber orange colored resin. Then the resin is taken and steam distilled to result in a clear, pale yellow oil. SOME oils, as stated in my previous post here, are extracted by soaking on solvents then boiling away until the solvent is evaporated. NOT good for ANY type of application, which is why I ONLY purchase Steam-Distilled, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil. This tree is native in the middle East, as well as to China, Iran, Lebanon and Oman. It grows wild in Africa too!

It is still one of my favorite books! As you see I need to get it rebound:) I actually found mine at a Goodwill store. I will spend time looking through all of the books they have available on cooking and herbs. ESPECIALLY if you are out of town visiting a new city or town, stop by their Thrift Store, as not EVERYONE is interested in the same topics, which is a WIN WIN!!

As I perused through the pages, with all of the ideas and possibilities contained within, I came to Frankincense. I USED to suffer from pimples! EEEK! They would come out of nowhere, overnight really. I knew it had to do with stress, and the foods I ate, as well as the environment I lived in and the products I used on it. In comes Frankincense, a.k.a Boswellia Carterii. I started incorporating it into my facial moisturizer that I used every morning & evening. It only took approximately 1 week to start to see improvements!! I did make a special blend using Organic Jojoba & Organic Grapeseed Oils since the Organic Olive Oil was too heavy for my oily skin. It worked wonders!!

Many of my customers have had the pleasure of finding this out for themselves with the products I make with this miracle oil! It is restorative, and regenerating actions are very useful for dry, mature and sensitive skin types. With this information, my Organic Frankincense Lotion was conceived!
When I combined this amazing oil with Organic Rose Essential oil, it has made a most restorative lotion that has helped many customers of mine!

Here is some feedback I received on my Organic Frankincense Lotion!

Lovely scent, and wonderful creamy consistency, a delightful treat for my dry skin!

Fabulous organic lotion, just love the frankincense in it, high quality product.

This is the best lotion i have ever used! It works fantastic on dry sensitive skin! My boyfriend and I use it daily and haven't stopped using it since we first got it! Thanks for all the fabulous natural products you make!

I have made this with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is beneficial to dry, sensitive skin types. It helps improve skin tone and texture. Its benefits on aging skin are exemplified due to its abilities to encourage new cell growth! Out with the old & in with the new :)

Ironically enough, it is also beneficial to Oily/Acne Prone skin as well! Normally you would not find an oil to have BOTH properties available that address more than one skin type, but you do with Frankincense!

It has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that help to heal and reduce acne, pimples and warts! With this in mind, I have made some custom products for my customers that are formulated with carrier oils such as Organic Jojoba and Organic Grapeseed Oil which are more easily absorbed by oily skin. It is similar to my Organic Marshmallow Honey Face Lotion, but fortified with Organic Frankincense Essential oil!

Did you know I make custom products? I can make one for you as well! Just send me an email for a custom item request and I would be happy to help!

COMMENT below to tell me how Frankincense can help YOU to be entered to WIN a jar of your OWN Organic Frankincense Lotion!!

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WINNER of the 1 1/2oz jar of Organic Frankincense Lotion is ONEILA!!
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lavandula Angusti.folia, A.k.a. Lavender~ Part 2: Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Last week we reviewed how Lavender can be used in edible applications, ex. tea, spice blends, popscicles. Now I am going to review the uses of its essential oil! Essential oils are the true ESSENCE of the said herb. It can be obtained by steam distillation, solvent extraction and infusion. Here is a diagram of how steam distillation works.
When I choose Essential oils, I choose ones that are Organic,{to avoid pesticide contamination} and ones that are steam distilled. Solvent extraction is done with chemical solvents which in turn leave a residue behind that cannot be removed. This is definitely not in line with my goal of providing chemical-free, healing oils for my family & my business, so steam distilled it is!
You may order some Organic Essential Oils where I get mine, at Mountain Rose Herbs! They have SO many Organic herbs to choose from too, so you can get some bulk Organic Lavender for your own spice blend in my first Lavender Post!

Now back to the highlight today, Organic Lavender Essential oil! It has a sweet, floral, herbaceous scent that has a woody undertone. The Ancient Greeks and Romans prized it as a perfume and for its cleansing properties. Medieval Europeans considered lavender an herb of love, as it was claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities!! In the time of dirt floors, the buds were strewn about so that when stepped upon, the flowers released their fragrance. This particular tradition continues today in Portugal and Spain. Its fragrance is known to ease headaches, calm the nerves and promote an easy feeling.
The application of Organic Lavender essential oil should be diluted, as with any essential oil. Our bodes cannot handle the strength of the flower essences, so a little is better than a lot! For example, my Organic Lavender Lotion has a calculated amount of drops in each jar so it will effectively help the user, but not be toxic to the system. It is also one of the FEW safe essential oils for infants and children! Quite a few of my customers have reported positive results from massaging their babies with my Organic Lavender Lotion after bath time to soothe & relax them for bed.

Lavender essential oil is known to ease the pain & discomfort of muscular aches, spasms, and injuries along with helping to heal bruises, cuts and insect bites! This would come in handy when the season starts up again!! Another tip I have listed with my lotion is to apply it to the temples when a headache is present, as it helps relieve it.

When your skin is very dry and cracked, it needs a healing herb like lavender to soothe the inflammation and provide an antiseptic cooling action. This is one of the reasons why I came up with my Organic Lavender Herb lotion bar! Some people are not too excited about applying my cream while away from home, so a lotion bar is the solution! It travels very well, especially in its lidded stainless steel container. Formulated with Organic Unrefined Shea Butter & Organic EV Coconut Oil, it is the best option for intense moisturizing! ​Just rub in-between your hands and watch as the heat from your body starts to melt the lotion bar! You can also rub the lotion bar directly onto the dry skin areas.
Lavender Essential oil also helps repair damaged or overprocessed hair. I know that my hair has changed over the years, and the one thing we ALL have is split ends. Of course if you have just come from the beauty shop and received a trim, you are set, but in-between your trips, it is good to maintain your trim so your hair is the healthiest it can be!
You already are familiar with my Organic Hair Rinse in this post, but do you know of my Organic Hair Gel?
I came up with my formulation for my Organic Hair Gel when I was making my way down the list of products to replace in my beauty regimen. I despise the feeling of "crunchiness" in my hair, so the Organic Hair products at the store were not cutting it. The ONLY one I liked was made in a base of Organic Aloe Vera Gel. BINGO!! I went to work formulating my OWN recipe for Organic Hair Gel. First the herbs Organic Lavender & Organic Rosemary are steeped in the aloe gel to impart their oils into it for a minimum of 4 months.
Then with each bottle ordered, I mix in fresh drops of Organic Lavender Essential oil and Organic Rosemary Essential Oil. The herb infusion, PLUS the essential oils helps to layer the scent & properties so it is more effective. This hair gel is VERY light and is ideal for those who let their hair air dry. Air drying your hair is so much healthier for it anyway, plus it produces a soft, frizz-free head of hair anyone will be jealous of!

Please keep in mind that all of my hair products are formulated to work together! Start off with one of my Organic Soaps to loosen dirt & oils, then my Organic Hair Rinse to balance the pH levels, and end with an application of my Organic Hair Gel to finish. I have been using this routine on my hair for over 2 years now. I will NEVER look back to conventional products again!! My hair not only has less frizz, but it is the healthiest that it has EVER been! I have naturally oily hair and used to have to shampoo EVERY DAY! Not anymore, I am happy to report. My hair has normalized, and my scalp has healed. Tangles have been reduced and split ends are few & far between. You may contact me for a customized hair regimen of your own! I understand not all essential oils are for everyone, so I am happy to customize the hair rinse & hair gel to your preferences. I will also provide recommendations for specific oils that are good for hair & ones that are not. Send me an email if you would like to take advantage of this specialized service! honeybeeholistics (At) yahoO {dOt} cOm

Please let me know how this gel can help you in your quest for chemical-free beauty products for your hair!

Congrats Marsha! PLEASE contact me to claim your prize!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Lavandula Angustifolia, a.k.a Lavender! Part One: Learn how it's flower buds can help you!

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is one of the most widely known plants in the herbal world! You are most likely familiar with its smell, but what about its culinary uses?

In the 1970's, the herb blend Herbes de Provence became a big hit, thus bringing the culinary use of Lavender to the limelight! Note that this is the AMERICAN version, adding in Lavender, as the French do not add Lavender in their Herbes de Provence! You can make your OWN herbs de provence to use on your Roasted Meats, veggies, and just about anything! The key is to only use a TINY bit of Lavender in the mix, or it may be too overpowering!

This is the blend I have made for myself! I just put them all in my spice grinder reserved for HERBS ONLY, as one used for coffee would have a coffee flavor to it, and grind until it is a fine powder. If you only have ONE grinder, you can carefully wash your grinder with soap & water, rinse & dry VERY well, or the herbs will stick to it, then use as directed. Don't forget to wash again or your coffee may have an herb flavor the next morning :)
It is important to grind it well to fully incorporate all of the herbs together so you end up with a powder of sorts to work with. It is then easier to sprinkle on your foods without chunks of herbs! Make sure you seek out Edible Lavender, or Organic Lavender meant for consumption so you do not get a hold of synthetic or chemically processed lavender buds!

Now for the recipe I created:
HERBES DE PROVENCE / Honey Bee Holistics Version
♦ 2 tablespoons dried savory
♦ 1 tablespoon dried oregano
♦ 3 teaspoons dried rosemary
♦ 3 teaspoons dried marjoram
♦ 2 teaspoons dried lavender flowers
We are not fond of thyme in my household, so I eliminated it and added a bit more marjoram to the mix. You may of course add in some thyme if you like it! I have used this spice blend to re-create this Roasted chicken with Herbes de Provence. It is very EASY and dinner is done in a flash once you get it in the oven!

You may also use Lavender Buds for a relaxing tea! Did you know that teas are also called infusions? Infusions are the gentlest way to incorporate herbs into your life for healing. I have created an herbal tea made with Organic Lavender, Organic Chamomile and Organic Lemon Balm here.

It is a great way to unwind in the evening, as the Organic Lavender and Organic Chamomile work together to form a relaxing effect on the mind & body. It is even safe for children as well! If you have a child who has a hard time settling down, this would make a great evening drink before bedtime. After steeping in boiling water for 10 minutes, covered, transfer to the refrigerator to cool completely so your child can drink it. You can also make it into popsicles to enjoy! This would be great for a child with a sore throat as well since Lavender has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Considering the anti-inflammatory actions of Lavender, it would also prove beneficial to put some of my bulk tea into an old sock, tied off and let it steep in the bathtub for a full body experience of relaxation. This would help soothe achey joints, muscles and tendons. It is very important to put in a sock or gathered cloth as the herbs may clog the drain! Get some bulk Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea here.
Lavender buds contain a substance called Linalol that heals sores, burns and other wounds. It also has a camphorous aroma that helps relieve congestion and ease respiratory issues. This would come in handy as a natural way to relieve congestion you may suffer from due to allergies or sickness.

Thank you for joining me in this small journey into the culinary/edible uses for Lavender! Join me in the next post for PART TWO of Lavandula Angustifolia, a.k.a Lavender! where I will discuss the properties of the essential oil found in the flower buds. PLUS the the How & Why I use it in my products!

COMMENT BELOW on "What you have learned about lavender you didn't know before?" for YOUR chance to WIN a 6pack of my Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea!
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Comment #4

Terressa Zook February 2, 2014 at 12:48 PM

I have yet to try cooking with lavender, but I'm definately trying this.

Please contact me TERRESSA ZOOK to claim your prize!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organizing my life is not always so easy, BUT it is a MUST! See what I did to help in this challenging area of my life!

So here we are, a new year upon us and it is up to each and every one of us to make this one the BEST ever!!
It doesn't matter where you find yourself at this time, YOU have the power within yourself to make it the most successful, most memorable year yet!

It is true that any successful person has to have a plan in place. When you have a ton of things to accomplish, it helps to have a system in place to keep it all compiled in manageable bites. It also helps to get your dreams and goals down so you can make them come to fruition. I was so thrilled to have found Leonie Dawson!

She has been motivating Women for years now, and i fell in love with her enthusiasm and bright spirit instantly :)
I watched her video and signed up for her free e-book. I was hooked & wanted more!

Now to address the "Organization" need, I saw she had a workbook to help me with this. I was excited to get it, and found that it is in a pdf format to download instantly! I purchased the one for my business. She also has one for your life as well. It is illustrated with her whimsical pictures and wonderful uplifting words. It is like a great friend guiding me along to map out my year for success. Check it out here.

It is only $9.95 and you get a TON of info to get you organized! It starts out with the closing of 2013 before diving into 2014.

I used the back of a stack of scrap paper to print mine out on. I used a 1 inch binder, with my own personalized cover, to put it all together!

I used pictures of what means the most to me and what inspires me! You can see a picture of my 2 loves, my Husband & my dear little one♥ Sunflowers, soaps, birds..... Make YOURS whatever speaks to you so you are excited each day you check in and get re-focused!

Now in closing I would like to share with you some quotes that have stuck with me over the years!
They are ones to keep in the fore front of your mind to keep your motivation engine going!

♦What you dream about & think about you bring about.
~This one helped change my life! I was determined to make it possible to be a Work-at-Home-Mom and get OUT of the corporate world. Even though I was not supported by all of the people in my life at the time, I persisted with my own dream and made it a reality! I started by attending & becoming a member of my town's Saturday Market. I woke up at 6am each Saturday from Late May till early September, organized my items and hand placed each item just so after putting up my tent & tables. Everyone has to start SOMEWHERE, you just have to get it in your mind to START!

♦Every moment is another chance to turn it all around!
~I remind myself of this DAILY! YOU have the power within you to make positive changes in your life. It does not matter where you come from, where you are, how much money you make.........YOU ultimately have the power to make the changes in your life to make your dreams come true. EVERY choice you make is either in support of your dream, or not. Make sure you remember this in each moment you spend in your life. Here is a picture of me with my daughter, too little to walk, strapped to my front with a baby carrier. I needed to harvest my Wild Nettles for my tea I make, so I strapped her on and went to picking! Never has she ever been an "excuse" to not do what I needed to do to reach my goal. Time waits for no one, so do it NOW!

♦For every 10 "no's" there is 1 "yes".
~When you start your dream, there will inevitably be a large percentage of people in your life who are not on board with you. It is natural to want to have a support system with your friends & family, I wanted this too. I was so very lucky to have my Best friend Naomi on board with me:) She was one of my supporters through it all. This is a picture of us just 5 days after the birth of my baby girl. She came over to help me with my orders & take care of me while I recouped. I hope you find YOUR "Naomi" who loves you for you & helps support you on your path!
The choices I made were for ME, not them. It is MY dream, not anyone else's. Always know in your heart that you are supported, whether you have found your "peron/group" or not yet. Seek out the groups who are in line with what you are trying to accomplish in your life. There are actually a LOT of people in the world who are on a similar path as you.

Now go out and be the best YOU that you can be and get your plan in place so you can share your gift with the world! I want to hear about it!!